Friday, April 18, 2014

Prepping for Fashion Week

It's the most wonderful time of the year…Birmingham Fashion Week! I'm so excited for the headlining designers (!!!Rebecca Taylor!!!), as well as seeing what the local talent here in Birmingham has to offer. It's been so amazing to watch the Magic City's fashion scene bloom over these past few years, and I know that this year's Fashion Week will be no exception.

It can be hectic for someone in the media (ahem, me) to keep up with BFW all week long. Chasing down designers for interviews can be challenging to do in 6 inch heels, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. Over the years, I've learned what to pack so that I can enjoy Fashion Week sans starvation, shoe-icide, and streaky blush. All of which are so not chic.

what's in my bag- fashion week

I'm usually on-site for hours at a time, so water and snacks are crucial. Without them, my interview questions would go something like, "What's your favorite color?". Heel pads, collapsable flats, lint removers, and stain wipes are essentials for fashion emergencies and achy feet. To stay fresh until the after parties, I keep Urban Decay's "all nighter" makeup setting spray, red lipstick, a blush/bronzer duo, and a rollerball of perfume in my bag. They're easy, portable, and definitely make all the difference under unflattering stage lighting. I also keep my iPhone and recorder handy to record interviews and take mental notes of my favorite runway trends.

Those are my "musts"… so now it's time for my "lusts". These outfits are perfect for all of the different events during Fashion Week. Shows are typically more "dressy", but the after parties and daytime events are more laid-back. Fashion Week is a great time to showcase the party shoes and bold pieces that you're usually afraid to rock. This year, I'm all about basic pieces with fun accessories. To see any of outfit details, click the images below. 


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