Jaime is a writer and editor currently living in Birmingham, Alabama. She created On Miami Time as a nod to her South Florida roots and as a way to document the awesome, little things in life. Jaime is a gemini, golfer, and major foodie. She hates Crocs, spiders, and when people spell her name wrong, but loves champagne, a great statement necklace, and coconut gelato (especially all together).

In her spare time, you can find her drinking copious amounts of coffee and pouring over the latest chic lit novel.  Jaime loves farmer's markets and really any kind of shopping. She pretends to enjoy working out, but only does it to justify her love of food. She also loves redecorating her apartment based on her mood. 

If she had unlimited funds, Jaime would be traveling the world and writing about her adventures along the way. Until that happens, she's happy to write about food, fashion, beauty, and life in general. 

Have any questions or thoughts? Want to advertise? Email Jaime here or head over to this page. 

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