Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween Round 1- Persephone

It's no secret that I take Halloween very seriously. My friends suggested that we all go as Greek gods and goddesses for a party, and I was assigned Persephone (Mythology CliffNotes: She's the queen of the underworld, wife to Hades, lover of pomegranates and general badass).

Note: I never do anything half-assed. Especially when it comes to Halloween. The picture above shows my makeup before I got into costume and did my hair. I'm including this because you can see the details better -- and how cool are my gold eyebrows? #JustSayin 

{Headpiece, Etsy// Necklace, Francesca's// Dress, Belk// Bracelets and flash tattoos, Spirit Halloween// Shoes, Guess}

{Hermes + Persephone}

We had so much fun, and the group's costumes really came together. I mean, we had a MINOTAUR in our group. A MINOTAUR, y'all. If you were wondering, we won the group costume contest. The only thing we were missing was someone fanning us with palm fronds and hand-feeding us grapes. Then again, there's always next year. ;)

{From left to right: Minotaur, Iris, Bacchus, Persephone, Apollo, Hestia}

{Apollo + Persephone}

{Persephone + Hades}

{The whole group together}

So that was round one of Halloween! Stay tuned for more, because you all know I can't stick to just one costume. What are you all dressing up as this year? 

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