Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Orleans Style

This past weekend, I met up with my best friend in New Orleans (read all about that here). It was her first time there and it's her birthday month, so it's safe to say that we went all out. We had an amazing time eating, drinking, and being touristy, but all of the walking killed my feet.

Like, it's been over two days since we left and my body still hasn't recovered. Next time, I will definitely pack better, because my little flip flops were not cutting it. In fact, they may or may not have been tossed into a trash can on Bourbon Street after they fell apart. Not my proudest fashion moment.

If and when I go to The Big Easy again, I will definitely bookmark these fashion looks from #MacysCampusTour and take note.

New Orleans may be nicknamed "The Big Easy" for the easygoing jazz music and lifestyle, but they same laid-back attitude applies to fashion. I mean, look at this lady. #RoughNight

All jokes aside, the fashion in NoLa is really simple and functional. Most people know that they're going to be walking around all day, so they keep it casual in sundresses or shorts. Since New Orleans has a great bad habit of making you stay out all hours, I tried to find outfits that could work from day to night with the addition of a necklace or different shoes.

Shorts are totally acceptable in bars. In fact, they're probably encouraged since most people are walking in right off of the street. I love these looks from Macy's because they're versatile, comfortable, and great for walking around the city (without committing shoeicide).
big easy style
{The looks you see here are all from Macy's}

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