Friday, April 4, 2014

Casual Corporette

As you probably know, I started a new job in March. It's always awesome starting something new, but I had a major closet overhaul to accomplish in the process. Before working at the ad agency, I was a magazine editor that worked out of my home. Seeing as my work uniform consisted of yoga pants and old golf tee shirts, it was definitely time for a change. 

I love working in a creative office because it doesn't require the boring black suit jacket and slacks combo. I can have fun with my look and incorporate fun little details like bold colors, statement pieces, and pattern mixing. Plus, it's fairly casual. Gotta love that. 

I recently shopped at Macy's as part of their #macyscampustour campaign. When I saw this sweater there, I immediately fell in love with it. I love how the polka dots on the top are sheer. They are enough to keep the outfit interesting without veering into HR-problem territory. And that's a good thing to shy away from. 

This casual office look is great because it's cute and functional (a must!) for those days you'll be running around and can't be bothered with heels. The details of an otherwise basic outfit are punched up by cuffed skinnies, leopard flats, and mixed materials.

{Shoes// Target, Bag// Terzetto}

{Flowers// Western Market}


{Sweater// Macy's, Jeans// Uniqlo}

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  1. A lot of people can relate with your feelings about your last job. Routines and repetition in work can cause stagnation, which in turn causes dissatisfaction. This is an enemy of both the employer and the employee, and it's a good thing you asserted to seek better pastures. Good luck on your current job, and I hope you're having fun while doing it!

    Kevin @ Barracuda Staffing