Thursday, September 11, 2014

Make Your Place Pinnable

Everyone wants their house/apartment to look Pinterest-worthy. Am I right or am I right? Hint: I'm right. As a self-proclaimed Pinterest addict, I can easily admit that some of the home ideas (like an underground wine cellar or a saltwater infinity pool) are a bit ambitious on my modest millennial budget. However, these simple and inexpensive tweaks will make your abode look pinnable in no time at all. 

Mix & Match Pillows

Tossing some colorful pillows on your couch is one of the easiest ways to add a little flair to your living space. Since I have a white couch (read: blank slate), I like to switch my pillows out depending on the season. I just swapped my summery blue pillows out for some warmer, fall-colored ones.

For cute and inexpensive throw pillows, I like to shop at discount stores like Home Goods, TJ Maxx, and Tuesday Morning. If you're crafty, you could also recover thrift store pillows in new fabric. Don't be afraid to mix-and-match. If you stick within the same color family, you can get away with pretty much any pattern. Have fun with it!

5 home

One of the things that makes Pinterest houses seem so unachievable is that they are spotless. I mean, I love a clean house just as much as anyone else -- but aint nobody got time for that. Here are 5 of my cleaning/organizing shortcuts for a Pinterest-worthy house:

1. Be a basket case. I have more wicker baskets than a Navajo princess. I use them for everything. They hold big blankets in my living room, folded sweaters in my closet, and loose snacks in my pantry. I even have spares to toss junk into before guests arrive. #DontJudge #SorryNotSorry

2. Invest in quality products. I'm usually all about cutting corners to save money, but natural cleaning products really are worth the splurge. I don't like the scary chemicals in other products and -- OMG -- these smell so good. Your guests will think you've been cleaning all day even if you've just sprayed down your counters. Mrs. Meyers and Method are my go-to favorites.

3. Throw away your wire hangers. They not only damage your clothes, but they're really ugly. Invest in some thin, coordinated hangers to streamline in your closet. If you're feeling extra ambitious, organize your clothes by color for the Pinterest closet of your dreams.

4. Catchalls live up to their name. I have little dishes and trays all over my apartment. They corral everything from delicate necklaces to spare change -- and keep them out of sight.

5. I may or may not have a candle obsession. On any given night, it looks like I'm having a seance. But, I'm not. I just really like my apartment to smell good. For extra ambiance, pick up a few scented candles on your next Bath and Body Works run. My year-round favorite is Eucalyptus Mint. It makes my place smell like a spa -- and hello, who doesn't want that?

Home Accessories

What really separates Pinterest homes from the ordinary is the way that they are accessorized. Copy these tips:

1. Add some green. Plant some herbs in a sunny spot in your kitchen, put succulents anywhere (these are great for my readers with a black thumb!), and place fresh flowers in a vase to glam up any room.

2. A bar cart is a fun (and compact) alternative to a real bar. This one would be so easy to make with a folding TV table, a tray, and some paint. Stock it up with your favorite drinks, an ice bucket, and some fun coasters or napkins. 

3. Showcase your pretty items. I like to display my perfume bottles on a cake stand.

4. Style your shelves and coffee table. Even textbooks can be glammed up with some agate bookends and color-coding. HGTV has some great tips on how to style your bookshelves and beyond.

How do you make your place pinnable?

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