Monday, November 19, 2012


Oh, Thanksgiving. A holiday when you eat enough to feed a third world country, nap, and wake up only to trample people to death in a mall...what could be more American? This year, I'm continuing my tradition of rounding up my foreign friends and bringing them to south Florida for food and fun in the sun. It's always a joy to see them baking their first pumpkin pie, experiencing American football, or watching the Macy's day parade in amazement. 

 It's these things that we take for granted that make our country so great 
(Hang on while I whip out my American flag bandana to wipe a glistening, patriotic tear). 
 Don't get me wrong, other countries have awesome holiday traditions too, but there's something about sitting around a giant table with your family, friends and fourteen different varieties of pie. 

Here's to a Thanksgiving filled with love, great Black Friday deals, and a not-too-dry turkey. 
xx, Jaime

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