Monday, March 18, 2013

BFW Trendspotting

This month, the third annual Birmingham Fashion Week was held in Pepper Place. Featured designers included Prophetik, Leona, TiBi, and the winner of Project Runway All Stars, Anthony Ryan Auld. The designers all focused on different trends and concepts, but here are some of my favorite looks that can be translated from the runway to the real way. 

Photos by Kevin Walker
The first trend that seemed to be in every designer’s repertoire was backless garments. Workout brands Lululemon and Pure Barre jumped on board by showing backless shirts and tunics with peeks of a neutral-colored sports bras underneath. One of the emerging designers showed that by revealing a little skin, you can rock a white pantsuit without looking like Kris Jenner. Lastly, most of the models from Prophetik donned backless gowns. The designer of the line, Jeff Garner, explained to me that he decided to feature backless garments because the back is an underrated and understated way to  show off skin without feeling too exposed. I couldn’t agree more, and the great part about this look is that if it gets too chilly or you feel too “naked”, you can always throw on a cardigan or leather jacket. 

Photos by Kevin Walker
Although Pantone declared the color of the year to be “Emerald”, it seems as though canary yellow is what dominated the runways in Birmingham for the spring. Save the neon for DayGlow and stick to pastel yellow for a more flattering color choice. These garments above were from The Pants Store, Prophetik, and Leona, respectively, and were paired with tailored, neutral accessories to keep the look polished. 

Photos by Kevin Walker
Channel your inner Stevie Nicks by pairing leather and lace together. This tough and sweet combo will have people wondering if you’re a fashion blogger straight off the streets of Paris Fashion Week, or just a style maven in the making. Keep the leather and lace in black, white, or beige to keep the look from being too much. The great part about these two materials is how versatile they are. For example, the first look from an emerging designer is all-out rockstar. The second look from Prophetik is ladylike perfection, and the third look is perfect for a picnic or tailgating.

Photos by Kevin Walker
Grammy-worthy slits and assymetrical hemlines are still in full force for this upcoming season. Be sure to do an extra ten minutes on that stair stepper, because showing some leg is officially a “do”. Watch out though, you might unintentionally hail a taxi with gams like these. 

Photos by Kevin Walker
Okay, so these may not be “on trend” per say, but these are two of my favorite looks from the show. One of the emerging designers showed sparkly knee patches. I mean, come on, how precious is that? It almost takes you back to the days of Lisa Frank stickers and your mom saying, “if you’re going to go rollerblading, don’t forget to wear your knee pads!”. Who ever thought we’d see a day when they would become stylish? I for one think they’re adorably charming. On an edgier note and keeping with the backless theme of earlier, body adornments are kind of badass. Hippie-like headpieces and back jewelry add an unexpected dose of glam. A maxi in the front and a party in the back? Who wouldn’t get down with this look from Mandi Faulk?

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