Wednesday, February 12, 2014

My Week in Pictures

This past week has been absolutely nuts. I've been so busy, and will have some exciting updates to share soon. Unfortunately I can't tell you all of the details yet, but stay tuned. I've got big plans for you, Birmingham. 

A fun behind-the-scenes look at my fashion feature for About Town Magazine.
I love the retro-chic look these models are serving up. 

A Starbucks barista FINALLY spelled my name right without me having to tell her.
...It's the little things in life, guys.

Surprise Valentine's Day flowers from my parents.
I lurveee having fresh stems on display when it's dreary outside.

The absolute BEST fried green tomatoes from J Clyde.
I NEED this recipe. NEED IT. 

*Surprise* it's snowing again in Alabama.
...Remind me again why I live here?

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