Friday, March 14, 2014

Cherry Blossoms

Spring in Alabama is absolutely gorgeous. Like zombies, flowers that you didn't even know existed rise from the dead out of their snowy graves. Despite my allergies, I love seeing the colorful foliage that emerges. My favorite are definitely the pink and white-flowered cherry blossom trees.

I decided to take fashion inspiration from their delicate blooms against the blue sky. The oxblood heels (see more about those in my #macyscampustour campaign post here) keep the outfit out of pajama territory. 

Below is the result. I think my outfit turned out to be a geisha-Thakoon love child, which I'm totally okay with. 

{Heels- Macy's, black skinnies- Urban Outfitters}

{White camisole and kimono-both from Target}

{Mascara- benefit "they're real", tinted moisturizer- Laura Mercier in "tan", lip stain- Revlon "just bitten", eyebrow pen- Anastasia in light/medium}

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