Monday, July 21, 2014

Fried Squash Blossoms

Before the days of Pinterest, Food Network and The Cooking Channel were my go-to spots for recipes. I don't get to binge watch it as much as I'd like to (still love you, Ina!), but I recently got to catch an episode of "Extra Virgin" on The Cooking Channel. The show focuses on Tuscan recipes and this particular episode involved making ricotta-stuffed squash blossoms.

First of all, what the eff is a squash blossom? Before this weekend's revelation/intervention, I'd never even seen or heard of one, and I pride myself on being a foodie (#embarrassing).

The show's recipe looked delicious, but it definitely seemed like they were frying daffodils. Curious to experiment, I began my crusade for squash blossoms. I found some at the farmer's market (!!!) and adapted mine from this recipe. The only difference being that I added garlic and fresh herbs to my ricotta. 

The verdict? The blossoms did not taste like daffodils (although I can't say I've ever eaten a daffodil). The bottom tasted like squash and the petals crisped up nicely around the gooey, herbed cheese. The recipe was much less intimidating than I initially anticipated and it looked gorgeous as a side dish. I would definitely encourage you to try this recipe while these weird looking babies are still in season! 

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