Friday, October 31, 2014



Dressing up for Halloween at work can be tricky. Obviously, you can't overdo it on the sexy and your costume has to be something easy enough to actually work in. This year, I decided on a creepy doll. I only had to buy the lashes and socks, so I definitely consider it a success.

Here's a similar makeup tutorial:

{Willy Wonka + Oompa Loompas}


{Three sheets to the wind}

{Me + the 'Loompas}

{I made festive chocolate-covered pretzel sticks}

{Monster eyeballs}

{Witch dip}

{Tiny broomsticks}

{Team pumpkin carving from left to right: Headless horseman, my little pony, ninja turtle, witch, Clark Griswold (clearly ours was the last one)}

Happy Halloween, everyone! Hope it's great! 

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