Thursday, December 18, 2014

Currently Covening

Nothing has ever made me want to pack my things, go to New Orleans and be a witch more than watching AHS Coven. Seriously, the show is awesome, 10/10, highly recommend. When watching TV, I have this weird habit of critiquing the show based on character's fashion choices (perhaps that explains my misunderstood obsession with Gossip Girl). Coven was no exception to this rule, and my God I am obsessed with it. Full disclosure, I'll be wearing black for the next year. 

Fiona Good
Fiona, even though you wear black in like every episode, you make it work with the different textures and accessories. Your cape dress and lace gloves make me want to go out and buy a cape dress and lace gloves. You are the Regina George of AHS. Kudos.

Misty Day
Oh, Misty. We don't share the same style choices, but I give you points for your obsession with Stevie Nicks (same) and your great hair texture. Also, your jewelry layering is on point. 10 points to Gryffindor. 

Madison Montgomery
Madison Montgomery, you are my queen and spirit animal. I love a sassy, stylish broad who isn't afraid to accessorize with a Joe Namath-style fur coat or Russian hat. From sequin shorts to turbins to 90's style chokers and ball gowns, you have GOT IT GOING ON GURL. #VoteMadisonForSupreme

Myrtle Snow
Myrtle, the fact that you have the balls to wear red clothes with crimped, carrot-colored hair gives you major fashion cred. And any witch whose last word is "Balenciaga" is a badass in my book. I like to think of you as Coven's own Andre Leon Talley. 

Less notable, but still dress better than half of TV characters today:

Zoe Benson
Zoe, I'm not even sure why you were allowed in the coven. You're basic as hell. You have one good hat and even that makes you look like Kane from Poltergeist. Bai. 

 Nan (?)
Nan, you always kind of look like Wednesday Addams. Which is cool, because you have that sweet/mean Sour Patch personality going for ya. You do you, girl. 

Cordelia Foxx
Even with your effed up eyes, you're still pretty fine. Although not very "witchy", I like your ladylike bows and midi skirts. 

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