Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Looking Back on 2014...

2014's bucket list is interesting to look back on. So many of these things on my list happened organically, while others took a bit more convincing to try. Unfortunately I wasn't able to cross off every item, but I'm pretty proud of how far I've come since last December.

2014's list:
1. Travel somewhere with my best friend. 2. Read more books. 3. Get healthier and stronger. 4. Run and complete a 5K. 5. Be fearless of the future. 6. Volunteer for a great cause. 7. Find a new hobby or passion. 8. Start writing my book. 9. Get a tattoo. 10. Love more, fight less. 11. Eat at Hot and Hot Fish Club.

What really went down:
1. I traveled to New Orleans and Key West with my best friend. We had cocktails and saw a dead body. It was casual (for explanation on the latter part, click the New Orleans link). 
2. I proudly crossed over a dozen books off the list, including the Heroin Diaries, Will Write for Shoes, Spring Fever, Ladies Night, The One & Only, #Girlboss, White Girl Problems, Revenge Wears Prada, Bitter is the New Black, and design books from Jonathan Adler & Lilly Pulitzer. (I have a bad chick lit problem, DON'T JUDGE ME). 
3. I didn't do as well as I'd hoped with this resolution. But I will say that I have a better understanding of what it means for me to be "healthy". I know that to feel (and look) my best, I need some sort of movement every day and a ton of water. I've also started eating more fruits and veggies, which is a definite start.
4. It's a little delayed, but I'm scheduling my first 5k for the spring. 
5. This one is bit abstract, but think I've definitely taken chances this year that make me feel "fearless" (See: skydiving for the first time).
6. I was honored to buy gifts for our Christmas family at work this year. I also went to a few fundraisers for Hand in Paw, which is an organization that pairs pups with people who have mental and physical disabilities. I'm hoping that when Grits turns a year old, we can join as a therapy team. 
7. This year's hobby was definitely hiking trails with Grits.
8. I've started writing my book -- it's coming along at a glacial pace, so don't break out the movie deals just yet. 
9. No tats yet. I have some ideas of what I like, but commitment issues prevent me from taking the leap.
10. Sure? (I don't even know what this means. Clearly I was in a weird, sentimental place last year).
11. Hot and Hot still calls my name. Who wants to take me on a date? ;)

For the upcoming year, instead of coming up with concrete absolutes, I decided to create a printable that can be shared with my readers. I've filled mine out below, and you can download yours here. I can't wait to see what your resolutions are. Happy New Year! I wish you love, success and happiness in 2015.

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