Monday, January 5, 2015

Hometown Hero

It's always nice to go home for the holidays. Especially when your home happens to be in South Florida. Growing up I didn't spend much time in Miami, even though I live just miles from it, because traffic is a nightmare and it's an absolute tourist trap. But when you live out of town, it just seems like a place you have to go while you're there. My friends and I decided to hit up Wynwood, which is a super artsy and fashion-forward part of Miami that's known for hosting Art Basel. Also, my favorite coffee shop, Black Panther Coffee, happens to be there. 

Afterward wandering around Wynwood, we broke in legally entered the Miami Marine, another super cool spot for graffiti and gorgeous views of Biscayne Bay. As these pictures show, sometimes you just need to take the day to be a tourist in your hometown.

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