Monday, April 16, 2012

National Stress Awareness Day

I've been on a bit of a hiatus lately. School, golf season and my writing have been stressing me out, but to celebrate National Stress Awareness Day, I'm roundhouse kicking my stress in the balls and doing what I want for once! Boom! I've compiled ways I love to de-stress, and you better believe I'll be doing them today.
Going to my favorite restaurant in downtown Birmingham, Brick & Tin. This place has the most unexpected, delicious food I've ever tasted. The chilled pea soup with mint is to die for...and don't get me started on the seasonal sandwiches and soup. It's like a party in my tummy.
Watching funny animal videos on YouTube like this one. Warning: I like gross humor.

Exploring the enclaves of Jim Reed Books downtown. This is a book nerd's paradise. I could sift through old love letters, cracked antique books, and vintage toys for hours on end.
I love making homemade scrubs. (Fun fact, I used to want to be a dermatologist and sell my skincare professionally).
Here's my favorite recipe:
1c sugar (use salt if you have oil-prone skin)
1/2 c olive oil 
2 tbsp honey
*optional: lavender essential oil to make it smell fantastic
I'll be putting some fresh flowers in my apartment. Hydrangeas are one of my favorites. There's nothing like pulling an all-nighter at the library for finals and coming home to these beauties.
I'm thinking about doing a fun DIY mani like this one. Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot do my own nails, I'm just not coordinated enough. However, this newspaper print one seems fairly simple.
1. Paint a light topcoat (Beige-y color used here) and let dry
2. Place a tiny drop of vodka onto each nail and press newspaper lightly
3. Once dried and words are transferred, paint over with a clear coat of polish.

Would it be cheating if I copied by textbook onto my nails? ;)

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