Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Liebster Award

So, as some of you may know, I'm part of the Her Campus Blogger Network. I've met some other awesome bloggers through this affiliation. Clara of That Girl Magazine nominated me for A Liebster Award, which is a blogger-only funfest.

By blogger code (totally legit), I'm required to give 11 facts about me and answer Clara's 11 questions. Then, I have to nominate 11 more bloggers to answer my 11 questions. Woof.

11 facts about me:

1. My name means "I love" in French. It may sound ~*super sophisticated*~, but really, it's a pain in the butt. Growing up in south Florida where it's predominately Hispanic, my name is pronounced "Hi-Me". Oh and as a kid, I could never find a personalized keychain that spelled my name correctly. 

2. I've played golf for 18 years and was a starter on the varsity team on the University of Miami my freshman year and captain of the University of Alabama at Birmingham for my remaining years. 

3. I have serious wanderlust. One of my life goals is to set foot on every continent. So far I have North America, South America, and Europe crossed off. Four more to go! 

4. I learned to swim before I could walk. My mom wanted me to be able to out-swim an alligator should the scenario present itself. #FloridaProbz

5. Cooking is a serious passion of mine. I fall asleep to Food Network most nights and love trying to replicate the recipes. Ina Garten is my gurllll.

6. My boyfriend took me to Target on our first date. It's still by far the best date we've been on.

7. Stevie Nicks is my spirit animal. I could literally listen to Fleetwood Mac all day, erryday.

8. I am a Greco-phile. I'm obsessed with Greek mythology, Greek food, and Greece is next on my bucket list of places to go. 

9. I've actually straddled the equator, so technically I've stepped across the world, which is pretty cool.

10. I'm SCUBA certified and would much rather swim with sharks than see a spider. 

11. I once won a contest in Girl Scouts where I could adopt any animal at the local zoo/gardens. I chose a blackbird and named him Edgar Allan Crow. I was seven. My raven/crow/Poe obsession still exists today.

11 questions from Clara: 

If you had to name your child something that isn’t currently in the top 100 baby names, what would it be? Emerson, because I was an English literature minor and Ralph Waldo is one of my favorite authors/poets and I'm partial to androgynous names (Read: my name is Jaime).

What did you learn recently that surprised you? The Bonnaroo lineup is pretty amazing.

What’s your typical Starbucks order, and why? Venti, iced, skinny, soy vanilla latte...because I'm a terrible and high-maintenance person who loves delicious things. 

What’s something people will be surprised to find out you’ve never done? Hmm...I've never water-skied. Growing up on the beach, I guess that could be surprising.

How do you feel about nuclear disarmament? I prefer not to post my socio-political views on my blog. ;)

If the banana disappeared from the earth, and you were in charge of inventing a new replacement fruit, what would you invent? The grape-a-melon. All of the deliciousness of a watermelon, in bite-sized, convenient grape shape.

What’s the funniest knock knock joke you know?  This one is more cute than funny, but it's still my favorite.

How many times have you been in love? How many times do you think you will be in love before you die? Romantic love? Once, with the guy I'm with now, because I'm always changing my definition of "being in love". However, I am in love my family, friends, coconut gelato, and Kate Spade, and hopefully I'll never stop falling in love with new things.

What was your first email address? Mine was “” but don’t email that because I think someone else has it now., I had a cow obsession in 5th grade. #embarassing

If you got fired from your job and/or kicked out of school tomorrow, what would you do with your life? Well, I just resigned from my job and I'm going home to Florida for the weekend to relax before I start my next position, so I'd say travel and see family. I don't like to be out of work for too long, though, I enjoy staying busy.

What is your favorite kind of juice? Ginger-apple-carrot from this organic juice bar near my apartment. It's super refreshing.

My 11/11:

1. If you were a Barbie, what 3 accessories would you come with and why?

2. If you were to bring one unnecessary item to a desert island, what would it be?

3. How do you de-stress after a horrible day?

4. Would you rather have Grumpy cat or Lil' Bub as a pet?

5. Where/when do you think you had a past life?

6. What makes you nervous?

7. What's your best quality (physical or otherwise)?

8. Who was your FIRST celebrity crush? Who is it now?

9. What was the first CD you ever bought?

10. What was the biggest/best thing you've ever splurged on for yourself?

11. Where is your favorite place in the world?


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