Thursday, February 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday- Hair Color Edition

Experts say that to find your most naturally flattering hair color, you should refer back to a picture when you were in Kindergarten. I went back before my days of chemical processing and blow drying, to the yesteryears of when the word ombré referred to tie-dye t-shirts and not your hair. what I found.

I've since lost the brown vest, but kept my penchant for eating clown ice cream cones.

Despite the grainy Kodak camera film circa 1996, you can see that my natural hair color more or less matched my Brownie vest and had some golden/peanut butter colored highlights sprinkled in. 

I decided to replicate the look 18 years later and here's how it came out. 

Overall, I'm happy with it. It's still dark enough to set off my Snow White winter's *tan*, but the highlights break it up and add some much-needed dimension. Would you all dare to take beauty advice from your Kindergarten selves? 

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