Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gym Bag Must-Haves

gym bag must-haves

Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of working out. I was an athlete in college, but given the choice, I'd rather sit at home and watch trashy TV. But alas, I like food way too much for that to be a realistic option. So I have to make it as easy as possible for myself. That means preparing my gym bag beforehand with everything I need for my workout.

To keep myself from getting bored, I try to switch up my gym routine. Some days I'll do a Zumba class, other days I'll try spin. And I'm actually beginning to enjoy hot yoga on Sunday mornings (I tell myself it helps detox my body from weekend festivities). Those classes all require different outfits and accessories, so I try to plan my schedule ahead of time to accomidate what I need to pack.

I'm a big fan of Nike gym clothes, especially their sports bras. If you're on the busty side and looking for something to support the girls, look no further. For more affordable outfit options, Target has great stuff. I typically carry two pairs of shoes in my bag: one for basic, everyday training, and a pair of spin shoes with bike clips on the bottom.

As far as accessories go, I typically have my yoga mat, water bottle, iPod and microfiber towel handy. Even though there are towels at my gym, microfiber is a non-negotiable when I'm dripping and sliding all over my mat in hot yoga. Hey, I never said it was pretty.

I like to keep some dry shampoo and facial wipes in my bag for a quick refresher post-workout. I also keep shower necessities for an especially sweaty session. To keep my beauty routine low-maintenance, I really like Bumble and Bumble's surf line for easy waves without styling. Lush's Rose Argan body smoothie is great because it does double duty as a body wash and lotion.

What do you keep in your gym bag? 

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