Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend Escapades

This weekend started off with a bang. Thursday, I decided to make a change and ombre my hair (meaning it goes from dark to light). That night I worked an event with MIAMI Magazine. It was at the ever-swanky Trump International Hotel and some of our sponsors included Blackberry and Coco Breve, a new coconut water slash alcoholic beverage. Here's a picture of me showing off my new hair at the gorgeous venue.


After the event, I drove to Anna Maria Island with my best friend, Chris. Well, we ATTEMPTED to drive there, but just about ran out of gas on Alligator Alley. If you ever been on Alligator Alley, you know you can't just pull over and get fuel. It was 12 miles to the nearest gas station, so needless to say, we cruised in on fumes. But, with only one minor detour, we eventually made it to the island. As you can see from the picture below, the beach is incredible.

The food is also fantastic. Chris knew of this place, Rod Reel Pier. The double-decker restaurant is literally on the end of a pier and seats a total of about 40 people. It's so quaint, but the simple seafood is sure to please. I honestly don't know what I liked better, the blackened grouper sandwich, or seeing a pod of dolphins jumping over the waves.

But my all-time favorite part of the weekend was my 21st birthday celebration with my friends. I won't go into too many incriminating details, but I had A LOT of fun. Side note: How cute is the Louboutin-shaped list around my neck? (Credit to my friends for that one!) 

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