Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bar Cart How-To

Bar carts are all of the rage in home decor lately. They're easily personalized, no matter your taste or budget. I've seen some super cute ideas on Pinterest, ranging from Mad Men-esque to modern, and was inspired to create a basic "How To" guide on decorating your bar cart. 

{Click the image to see it larger}
{1. Bar cart- Target // 2. Liquor- Various // 3. Ice bucket- Pavillion Broadway // 4. Bar kit- Williams Sonoma // 5. Drink opener- Kelly Wearstler // 6. Decanter- Indigo // 7. Martini glasses- Pavillion Broadway // 8. Glass- Indigo // 9. Etsy // 10. Candle- Diptyque // 11. Camel bowl- Furbish studio // 12. Books- Various // 13. Agate coasters- High Street Market // 14. Snack bowl set- Ralph Lauren Home}

Step one: Pick out your bar cart. 
This is the fun part. I personally love metallic-colored ones, but they come in a variety of styles and colors. You can even "DIY" one by attaching wheels and a handle to Goodwill find. 

Step two: Pick your poison.
Decide what kind of drinks you want to display. Wine goes best in a rack on the bottom shelf, whereas liquor bottles shine on a pretty tray up top.
{Note: Even if you don't drink, bar carts are still great for coffee or fancy sodas!}

Step three: Barware
Stock up on an ice bucket and tools to open, pour, and concoct cocktails.

Step four: Shaken, not stirred
Your bar cart is NOT the place to have boring glasses. Get a festive decanter and glasses so you're always party-ready. I love the gilded versions above.

Step five: Accessorize! 
This is what's going to separate your bar cart from everyone else's. Hang a picture, map, or mirror above it and stock it with fun add-ons like bowls for snacks, coasters, books, and candles. These are the finishing touches that will help you achieve the vibe you're going for.

Here are a few of my favorites:

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