Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Harry Potter, Zombies and a Giant Turkey Leg

{Because what trip to Universal is complete without a giant turkey leg?}

My mom and I decided to take an impromptu trip to Orlando to hang out at Universal Studios. We had so much fun riding the rides, stuffing our faces and taking in all Harry Potter World has to offer. Being the true nerd that I am, I asked my mom, "If you were in Harry Potter, which house do you think you'd be in?" Her response? "I don't think I'd be in a house. I think I'd be like Hagrid and live in a little hut on the grounds. My magical creatures would protect my house and eat anyone I didn't invite over." 

...And that's my mom, everyone. 

After a day spent at the parks, we went to Halloween Horror Nights for an evening of haunted houses, gore and general scariness. Check out the pics below to see our sweet makeup. ;)


{Hogwarts castle}

{Pumpkin juice}

{Chocolate frogs and a sour photobomber}

{Unlimited candy options at Honeydukes}

{A time lapse tour of Harry Potter World}

{A view from our gorgeous hotel, the Royal Pacific}

{Tropical pork and pineapple over black beans and rice. Not pictured: delicious margaritas}

{Mom and I in our Halloween Horror Nights makeup}

{HHN makeup with our artist}

{I'm not sure who was scarier -- the actors in the haunted houses or me}

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